Biofluids Lab
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Team leaders:

Ao. Univ.Prof.Michael Harasek Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Michael Harasek

is a chemical engineer. His main research topics are separations engineering; membrane technology; computational fluid dynamics (CFD) for process engineering applications, modelling of reactive and multiphase systems, transient flows; and experimental fluid dynamics for the validation of CFD and the determination of boundary conditions using Laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV), particle dynamics analyzers (PDA), particle image velocimetry (PIV) and related methods.

Margit GföhlerUniv.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Margit Gföhler

is a mechanical engineer. Her main interest are mechanical phenomena in our body - the mechanics of muscles that are coordinated in most complex ways to move our body segments smoothly, or the (fluid)mechanics in our cardiovascular system that provides nutrients to each of our cells - and her research aims to apply engineering principles to assist or replace body functions in case of impaired functionality due to injury or disease.

Scientific team members:

Paul Ecker DI Paul Ecker

is a chemical engineer from Vienna, Austria. He joined the BiofluidsLab in 2018 using his knowledge in experimental and computational fluid dynamics, as well as statistical methods, to aid the development of biomedical devices.

Martin ElenkovDI Martin Elenkov

is the electrical engineer who supports the BiofluidsLab team. His main research interests are in the field of control engineering and machine learning for biomedical applications.

Bahram Haddadi Dr. techn. Bahram Haddadi Sisakht

is a chemical engineer and experimental and numerical fluid dynamist graduated from TU Wien (Austria). He supports the BioFluidsLab team by development of fluid simulation software and measurement methods for medical applications.

Christoph Janeczek DI Dr. techn. Christoph Janeczek

is a mechanical engineer. He supports the team with his expertise on the development of micro drives and pumps for biomedical applications and experimental testing in in-vitro trials.



DI Dr. techn. Christian Jordan

is a chemical engineer. He supports the team with his expertise in CFD and process engineering.

Thomas Keck Thomas Keck

studies mechanical engineering at the TU Wien. He supports the team with the construction of CAD parts as well as the mechanical production and assembly of experimental setups and prototype modules.

Benjamin Lukitsch DI Benjamin Lukitsch

is a chemical engineer who graduated 2017 at TU Wien. Main scope of his research with BioFluidsLab is the development of membrane separation models for biological processes as well as their implementation in CFD code and validation in in-vitro trials. The developed CFD code allows BioFluidsLab to efficiently optimize medical assistant devices.

Yamuna Gföhler Yamuna Gföhler

studies Environmental Engineering at TU Wien. She supports the team with the assembly of membrane modules, capturing of microscopic images and website maintainance.



Univ.Ass. Dipl.-Ing. Markus Puchinger

is a mechanical engineer and brings experience in development and construction of complex devices on smallest installation space. He supports the team since 2019 with his knowledge in mechanical engineering, fiber reinforced 3D printing as well as construction and experimental testing of prototypes.

Tsvetan YorovTsvetan Yorov, BSc

is a student of Biomedical Engineering at TU Wien. He does his diploma thesis on image capturing in micro channels with the micro PIV system.