Biofluids Lab
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Our lab is equipped with a wide range of tools for both theoretical and experimental investigations on biofluids and assist devices for human organs.

  • A systemic mock circulatory loop providing a pulsatile environment for replicating haemodynamics.

    This fully instrumented  mock circulation was developed for assessment of the performance of an axial flow, pneumatically operated left ventricular assist device (LVAD). Due to a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of hemodynamic states that can be simulated, the mock circulation is suitable for in-vitro experiments with various assistive devices being developed for support of the cardiovascular system.

  • Various test loops for investigations on mass transfer and biofluid dynamics

    Main functions of the fully instrumented test loops are

    • assessment of mass transfer and pressure drop in membrane contactors
    • determination of characteristic flow-pressure curves of blood pumps
    • assessment of hemolysis caused by assist devices

  • Micro PIV (particle image velocimetry) system

    We use a TSI Micron Resolution Particle Image Velocimeter for measuring flows in microchannels based on an inverted microscope with flow field in a size range from <100 micron to 2mm, and 80nm-1micron imaging resolution per pixel in combination with a powerful compact Dual Cavity Laser.

  • Keyence VHX Digital Microscope

    High accuracy digital microscope capable of capturing high resolution images and measurement data for inspection and failure analysis




  • Raster electronic Microscope



  • Software modules for CFD and CAD

    • OpenFOAM
    • ANSYS Fluent
    • CATIA
    • etc.

  • 3D printers for manufacturing various kinds of material with small dimensions and adequate specifications

    Currently we use a Kudo 3D printer for parts with high resolution and biocompatible resin materials,

    and a Markforged Mark Two printer for composite parts with high strength, stiffness and durability out of carbon fiber reinforced material, fiberglass and kevlar.

  • A fully equipped mechanical and electrical workshop



  • Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV)

    A two component Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) system (TSI Inc.) enables the accurate, pointwise measurement of fluid velocities and turbulence quantities.